In today’s business environment, it takes only one or two complaints to negatively influence future customers. BOSSService quickly determines the source of the issue and presents ways to resolve it

Never allow an addressable customer complaint dominate the online standing of your business.

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Maintaining a positive online business reputation is a critical element to business success, as customers make snap judgement decisions on which company to use, based primarily on online ratings.

Determine the origin of your customer complaints and if possible, address them on a personal level.

Depending on the legitimacy of the complaint, assess if the issue is an inherent problem that needs to be addressed on a fundamental level.

View complaints in a proactive and positive manner. Any issue where there might be customer dissatisfaction is an opportunity to improve your protocols in an approach that will benefit your long-term revenues.

Whenever you have an established rapport with a long-term customer, it is essential to retain them. Experts claim it takes triple the expense to establish the same relationship with new customers.