Your Customer Resource Management System combined with BOSS AI raises your client relations capabilities to a brand-new level

Conduct compelling customer discussions resulting in tangible outcomes

  • Create additional traffic to your web site and create a new customer base.
  • Turn random web visitors into sales leads and long-term, loyal customers.
  • Learn the motivations of customers who were seeking your service and track their movements on your site.
  • Garner information from web site visitors in order to refine the effectiveness of your web presence.
  • Converse through AI chatrooms to create a rapport with customers.
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BOSSCustomer Management interacts with all of your applications to give your business an unparalleled customer service advantage.


When a call comes in, your BOSS system automatically recognizes the number and pulls up the customer’s records. This includes contact information, address, past orders, preferences and more.


When it comes to providing a superior level of service to your customer, your BOSS system is able to track complaints and determine if they are anomalies or repetitive. You will then be able to reach out to customers and assure them their issues they have been resolved.


Your CRM is valuable tool to proactively communicate with customers. The system can communicate on the customer’s preferred platform with promotions that coincide with their preferences.

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