The Evolution of HUBB BOSS

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Welcome to BOSS – HUBB Ventures, new, flexible and effective CRM. BOSS is short for business optimization software solution. This system makes it easy and affordable for any organization to establish or improve its online look, grow new markets, develop a more efficient back office operation AND MORE.

Using a unique approach, BOSS addresses vertical markets with branded products, catering to specific business segments. This is more effective than offering generic software solutions for all companies. This tactic enables companies to limit and specify the customization that is inevitably required as new verticals are opened and developed.

When HUBB’s original Unified Communications System (HUBBUCS) platform was developed, it was designed to provide a complete Customer Resource Management (CRM) package solution for the small and medium size business (SMB) marketplace at a very affordable price.

But as demands changed, and the Covid-19 pandemic redefined consumer priorities, HUBB Ventures pivoted the purpose of its service. It has now become a viable gateway to internet commerce for any business adversely affected by the pandemic. BOSS has the ability of immediately developing a web presence and maintaining them viable and profitable.

In addition, BOSS allows existing companies the capability to escalate sales without increasing the overhead required to employ new people.


Now, there is a solution. This new system HUBB BOSS an easy and affordable for a wide variety of businesses to add to their brick and mortar operation to include an effective online presence.
The cost of converting marketing and sales protocols from traditional retail methods to a computer screen can be so expensive that many businesses that are not able to afford the conversion simply close their doors.
BOSS stands for Business Optimization Software Solution. It is a flexible and efficient system that addresses the needs of specific vertical markets with branded services that cater to the efficient operations of business segments. BOSS enables companies to limit the customization required as new vertical services are opened and developed.
Our shopping methods have radically changed. Society has now placed greater dependency on obtaining goods and services through online shopping portals. Retailers, in turn, have been forced, by consumer demands, to open virtual storefronts.