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Your Key Solution To Having An Immediate, Effective Web Presence

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HUBB BOSS makes it effortless and affordable for a wide variety of businesses to convert their marketing and sales efforts to an effective online destination.

BOSS is the most flexible business management software program available on the market today.

Our business customers can take advantage of various interactive applications thereby creating their own customized and highly impressive web presence. The ultimate result of employing an online system is that it increases business and expands profits without the added cost of employing and training new personnel. BOSS facilitates businesses by

  • Increasing Sales

    Improving and tracking your customer’s status, contract activities and new prospect opportunities

  • Opening up New Lines of Business from Existing Customers

    Improving the productivity and efficiency of your business.

  • Helping to Access and Grow New Markets

    Creating cost-effective domestic and global communications and commerce services.

  • Finding More Efficiencies within the Back Office

    HUBB BOSS also handles inventory, web site updates, disbursement issues and tracks line item budgetary expenditures.


Here are some basic services offered by HUBB BOSS

BOSSCustomer Management

Unleash the most COMPLETE SOLUTION, designed for your industry


Maximize The Impact Of Each Customer Call


Expand Your Customer Acquisition Reach And Employ Multiple Platforms


Respond To Customer Issues In A Fast, Effective Manner


Using BOSS is Uncomplicated and Effortless

There is very little required for onboarding. We are able to accommodate all businesses; large, small, online, offline and local, domestic and international. We successfully work on diverse projects from well established businesses as well as startups.

Stay on top of your work
wherever you are

Work doesn't stop when you leave your computer. For busy days on the go, Boss mobile app has you covered.

  • Stay organized and focused on the day ahead
  • Access your CRM whenever you need it
  • Collaborate effortlessly with your team
Safety and Security

BOSS has been designed to keep your business, employees and all customer information secure from the public, computer hackers or any competitors. Our system managers utilize the latest security software and continuously evaluate the vulnerability of the BOSS system. We consistently update our programs to obstruct the latest viruses to prevent any interruptions to your business.